IRAC-VI SOCIETY 5.0 VI. International Rating Academy Congress 19-20 October 2021
Toros University / Mersin / TURKEY HİBRİD KONGRE

Call for Papers

Dear colleagues

VI. The International Rating Academy Congress (IRAC VI) themed SOCIETY 5.0 will be held on 6-8 May 2021. The theme of the conference this year is Society 5.0. The concept of Society 5.0, which is also expressed as a "human-oriented super-smart society", expresses the society of the future. The opportunities offered by digital transformation and the conditions created by globalization and pandemic make the concept of Society 5.0 meaningful. The Congress will provide an environment to evaluate the society of the future in today's conditions.

Kongremiz Toros Üniversitesi ev sahipliğinde gerçekleştirilecektir. Pandemi koşulları nedeniyle, kongremiz hibrid kongre olarak tasarlanmıştır. Pandemi koşulları elverdiği taktirde sunumlar Toros Üniversitesi tesislerinde yüzyüze yapılacaktır. Koşulların elverişsiz olması durumunda, fiili olarak katılamayanların sunumları online olarak yapılacak ve ayrıca YouTube’da canlı olarak yayınlanacaktır.

The Congress is open to all areas related to the concept of Society 5.0. Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies will be included. We invite all academicians, researchers, educators, non-governmental organizations and students interested in the theme of the conference to participate in this information feast.

The language of the conference is English and Turkish. Papers will be reviewed by a double-blind peer review by at least two members of the Scientific Committee and other independent referees (if needed), in line with the publishing criteria and standards. Abstracts and full-text papers will also be published in the Conference Proceedings Book. In addition, the selected papers will be published in the editorial books and internationally indexed Journals owned by the Rating Academy after the referee evaluation. On behalf of our organizing committee, we are honored to invite you to our congress.

Best wishes…

Prof. Dr. Mehmet ŞAHİN
Prof. Dr.Yüksel ÖZDEMİR
Prof. Dr. İ. Melih BAŞ


Society 5.0 is a broad topic. Therefore, it is open to all areas that can be associated. Papers from all fields that can be associated with the subject, especially the following topics, will be accepted.

  • Society 5.0 research agenda
  • Society 5.0 challenges and opportunities
  • Human-centered society
  • Drivers and enablers for transformation
  • Human skills in Society 5.0
  • Aging and gray economy
  • Business integration strategy
  • Emerging markets in Society 5.0
  • Human Capital
  • Technopreneurship
  • E-Commerce
  • C generation and work
  • Alpha generation and work
  • M2M and work
  • Novel business systems
  • Business agility
  • Corporate communication in the age of social media
  • Circular economy
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital Twins
  • Digitalization of products
  • Modeling
  • Digital Supply Chain
  • Logistics 4.0
  • Phygital and work
  • Chaotic approach
  • Drug development
  • Personalized medicine
  • Electronic patient records
  • Care robots, therapy robots
  • Home care
  • Robotic operations (Robodocs)
  • Expert systems for diagnostic
  • Autonomous driving
  • Mobility as a Service
  • Smart City
  • Future banking
  • Sustainable finance
  • Digital financial management
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Collaborative Online International Learning)
  • Creative teaching
  • Cross-cultural teaching and learning
  • Institutional structures for education
  • New learning methods
  • Open innovation
  • Big Data analysis
  • Innovation development
  • Online collaboration for design and innovation
  • Knowledge visualization
  • Sustainable innovation
  • Agile innovation
  • Gendering of skills
  • Stereotypes (age, gender, (dis)abilities)
  • Accessibility of technologies across borders
  • Inequality in software development
  • Democratization in technological development
  • Cyber security and resilience
  • Data privacy
  • Risk management
  • Business continuity management
  • Whistleblowing
  • Post truth
  • Information-Knowledge vs Wisdom
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Collaboration between human and AI
  • Automating knowledge work
  • Resilient socio-technical systems
  • Social robots
  • Human-interpretable and machine-interpretable modeling
  • Cultural differences in business
  • Cross-cultural communication and trust
  • Collaboration across borders, cultures, and languages
  • Coopetition
  • Cultural hegemony vs cultural diversity

Publication Opportunities

Publication of Abstract and Full Text in Proceedings Book

The papers presented at the congress will be published as an e-book with ISBN. Authors can have their abstracts or full texts published in the congress full-text book.

Publication Fee: The publication fee for the conference abstracts and full texts books is included in the conference participation fee, and no additional fee is charged.

Deadline for submitting full texts: 30 Mayıs 2021

Chapter Publication in an Editorial Book

The papers presented at the conference will be published in an editorial book according to their fields. Authors will be able to publish their papers as an article section in an editorial book with ISBN and banded appropriate for their field. Editorial books will be published electronically. The works sent to these books will be subject to the review of the relevant boards and proof-reading may be requested for English studies if necessary.

Publication Fee; Editorial book chapter publication fee is inclueded in the participation fee for the conference, and so no additional fee is charged.

Publication in Indexed Journals

Participants will be able to publish their papers in international refereed and indexed Rating Academy journals, provided that they pass the journal boards.

Yayın Ücreti; Dergi yayın ücreti konferansa katılım bedeli içerisinde tahsis edilmekte olup, ayrıca bir ücret talep edilmemektedir. 

Dergiler hakkında detaylı bilgiye aşağıdaki linkten ulaşabilirsiniz:

Deadline for submitting articles to the journals: 30 May 2021

Participation Fee

The participation fee for all authors who present a paper to the conference is 50 Dollars. Those who pay this participation fee can choose one of the publication opportunities they wish. The same fee applies to authors who will only publish abstracts.

An author can participate in the conference with a maximum of 2 papers. No extra fee is charged for the second paper he presents.

The conference fee for students who will present a paper within the scope of young researchers sessions is 25 Dollars. 

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