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Dear Researchers,

Global outbreaks, which have started to occur frequently in recent years, have made the place and the importance of health in our life more evident. Health affects many situations related to society as well as personal status, and is also affected by them. Health systems, health policies and health improvement in a country are shaped by many factors from economy to politics, from education to culture, from technology to art. It would be misleading to think of health independently from other factors that make up a person or a society. Therefore, it is not possible to solve problems related to society and health only according to the causes, effects and treatment methods of diseases. It is necessary to look at health from different perspectives. In this context, The International Conference on Different Aspects of Health (ICDAH2020) will be held between 12-14 November 2020 to speak and discuss all these subject areas. All speeches and presentations at the conference will be held online and will also be broadcast live on YouTube. The conference is open to all areas related to health. Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies will be included. We cordially invite all academics, researchers, healthcare professionals, non-governmental organizations and students interested in different aspects of health to participate in this feast of knowledge.

The language of the conference is English and Turkish. The papers will be reviewed by at least two members from the Scientific Committee and other independent referees (if needed) throughout the double-blind peer review procedure in line with the published criteria and standards In addition ffull text papers will be published in the Conference Book. In addition, full text papers can be published in the national editorial books and internationally indexed Journals (https://www.journals.gen.tr) after the referee evaluation. Also fter the referee evaluation. Our conference fully meets all criteria for appointment, promotion and academic incentives. On behalf of our organizing committee, we are honoured to invite you to our Conference.

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Merve ERTOK ONURLU

Conference Presidents

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Publication Opportunities

Presented papers can be published in international refereed and indexed Rating Academy journals, provided that they pass through journal boards.

Publication Fee; For articles to be published in conference journals, a 25% discount will be made in the journal publication fees. The publication fee for each journal varies between 75 euro and 0 euro). Detailed information can be obtained from the magazine web pages.

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Papers presented at the conference will be published in editorial books according to their fields. The authors willing to publish their papers as an article section in an edited book with ISBN and banding suitable for their field. It is paid to publish articles in the editorial book and it is required to pay 40 Euros (equivalent TRY) per article. One book will be sent to each author.

Papers presented at the conference will be published as an e-book with ISBN. There is no fee for the publication of abstracts and full-text papers.

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02/11/2020 Deadline for Submission of Abstracts
03/11/2020 Announcement of the accepted papers
03/11/2020 Announcement of the Symposium Program
12/11/2020 Beginning of Day the Conference
01/12/2020 Deadline for Submission of Full Papers

Virtual Exhibition /12-30 November 2020 “Artistic Production in Corona Days”

One morning, we woke up to a brand new world that was under threat by a virus called Covid-19. Everything had to be rearranged according to this threat and its consequences. Humanity has begun to look for ways to adapt and exist in this new world with fear and anxiety. As in all relations and production fields, the art world also started to reposition itself to overcome the impact of the shock. While the world health system, production system and supply chain had difficulties surviving under these conditions, something a little unexpected developed in the art world: the explosion of production. The artists had already started to produce more intensely in their own worlds via the internet. Artistic production has been the least affected area under these conditions since it simply needs an artist. Many artists considered these conditions as an opportunity to do the work that they could not do, to write articles they could not write before. Again, many of the artists rushed the technology towards their services in a very creative way to spread their production. In addition, live broadcasts, meetings, virtual exhibitions, communication and sharing networks were created. The negative aspect of this process was the necessity of limiting artistic productions only to virtual and digital environments. All works of art could only meet the audience with their digital copies, or they could be produced on the digital world. Nevertheless, the field of art has already been making room and expanding virtually and digitally for a long time, therefore this situation is not strange for artists.

Our exhibition, “Artistic Production in Corona Days”, which we organize as part of the “Different Aspects of Health” conference organized by Rating Academy, aims to be an exhibition in which all this production takes place. Our exhibition will only take place in the digital world as expected. Therefore, you would be able to visit our exhibition in a digital hall that we will produce virtually and with a virtual camera that will replace your own eyes.

We would like to invite all of our artists to our exhibition with videos, installations, paintings, photographs and similar productions produced during this process (any types of work related to pandemics-“preferred but not necessary” )

Exhibition Curator
Assoc. Dr. Fatih Balcı

1. Each artist can apply with a maximum of two works.
2. Applications will be evaluated by the exhibition curator and the works that will participate in the exhibition will be announced on the website and sent to the artists’ emails.
3. Applications will be made from the exhibition application page on the conference website.
4. The deadline for submitting works is 30 October 2020.
5. “Submit a Work“: The visuals will be sent via the link https://academicplatform.net/icdah2020/login/signin.
6. The image of the work should be in JPEG format with a resolution of 300 dpi.
7. The videos should be in avi format and the duration of the videos should not exceed 10 minutes. Video works will be sent by giving a link (link to youtube, dailymotion etc .. web address where the work is uploaded) shown on the website https://academicplatform.net/icdah2020/login/signin. There should be a generic which must consist the name of the artist and work and also consist the work’s duration 
8. Please fill in the CV and work information section carefully in the application forms.
9. Participation in the exhibition is free.
10. The visuals of the works in the exhibition will be used on the congress website and in the promotions in the media.
11. Virtual Participation Certificate will be given to every artist participating in the exhibition.
12. The artists applying to the exhibition are deemed to have accepted the above conditions.


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