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Rating Academy was established in 2016 and continues its activities in Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Teknopark. Rating Academ has many academic projects and activities. First of all, as an R & D company, we do various software programs and indexing jobs. At the same time, the company has five peer-reviewed academic journals that are internationally refereed and currently addressing different fields of science. These journals are scanned by reputable national and international indices.
Rating by the Academy in Turkey and other countries are organized many international conferences and exhibitions. Researchers, writers, scientists, artists … many participants from different parts of the world meet in Rating Academy projects and events.

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3. International Congress on Creative and Innovative Approaches


Innovation During the Pandemic

9-11 June 2021

Davet Metni

Dear Researchers,

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, which entered our lives at the beginning of 2020, deeply affected individuals, societies, states and businesses on a global scale. Now it seems that nothing can be the same as before. A new lifestyle and a society suitable for it is emerging. How quickly we adapt to this new process is important. In all cases, innovation is a magical tool. In this congress, the effects of pandemic process on innovation and how innovation will shape post-pandemic life will be discussed. Our congress is open to multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies on this basis. Due to the pandemic conditions, the congress will take place online and anyone who wants to listen and make a presentation via the links we will provide will be able to attend easily. All speeches and presentations at the conference will be broadcast live on YouTube.

We invite all academicians, researchers, practitioners, non-governmental organizations and students interested in the themes of the conference to participate in this information feast.

The language of the conference is English and Turkish. Papers will be reviewed by a double-blind peer review by at least two members of the Scientific Committee and other independent referees (if needed), in line with the publishing criteria and standards. Abstracts and full-text papers will also be published in the Conference Proceedings Book. In addition, the selected papers will be published in the editorial books and internationally indexed Journals ownded by the Rating Academy after the referee evaluation. 

" Most Innovative Paper " will be selected as a result of the reviews of the evaluation committee among the papers presented at our conference.

On behalf of our organizing committee, we are honored to invite you to our conference. Sincerely,

Rriollza Agolli


Korça Fan S. Noli University, Department of Preschool Education / Albania

Important Dates

Deadline For Submission Of Abstracts : 30 May 2021

Announcement Of The Accepted Papers : 31 May 2021

Registration Deadline: 02 June 2021

Announcement of the Congress Program 02 June 2021

Deadline For Submission Of Full Papers : 30 June 2021

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The participation fee for all authors who present a paper to the conference is 50 Dollars. Those who pay this participation fee can choose one of the publication opportunities they wish. The same fee applies to authors who will only publish abstracts.

An author can participate in the conference with a maximum of 2 papers. No extra fee is charged for the second paper he presents.

The fee is per paper. 

The conference fee for students who will present a paper within the scope of young researchers sessions is 25 Dollars. 


Our congress is open to all studies that can be associated with the concepts of creativity and innovation, and their subject headings are listed below. Topics are not limited to these. Within the framework of creativity and innovation concepts, other multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies will be included in addition to those listed below.

  • Anthropology
  • Press and media
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • Environment and its problems
  • Marine sciences
  • Language and Literature
  • Educational Sciences
  • Economics 
  • Energy
  • Philosophy
  • Fine Arts 
  • Law
  • Communication and Public Relations
  • Human rights
  • Statistics and Numerical Methods
  • Women's Issues
  • Mining
  • Architecture and urbanization
  • Engineering
  • Museology
  • Psychology
  • Health Sciences
  • Political science and international relations
  • Social Problems
  • Agriculture and livestock
  • Tourism
  • Higher education
  • Other topics that can be included in the main theme framework…


Abstract / Full Text Publication in Proceedings Book

The papers presented at the conference will be published as an e-book with ISBN. Authors can have their abstracts or full texts published in the conference full text book.
Publication Fee; The publication fee for the conference abstracts and full texts books is included in the conference participation fee, and no additional fee is charged.

Deadline for submitting full texts: : 30 June 2021

Section in editorial book

The papers presented at the conference will be published in an editorial book according to their fields. Authors will be able to publish their papers as an article section in an editorial book with ISBN and banded appropriate for their field. Editorial books will be published electronically. The works sent to these books will be subject to the review of the relevant boards and proof-reading may be requested for English studies if necessary. Publication Fee; Editorial book chapter publication fee is inclueded in the participation fee for the conference, and so no additional fee is charged.

Deadline for submitting chapter(s) to editorial book: : 30 June 2021

Publication in Indexed Journals

Participants will be able to publish their papers in international refereed and indexed Rating Academy journals, provided that they pass the journal boards.

Publication fee: Journal publication fee is inclueded in the participation fee for the conference, and so no additional fee is charged. 

Deadline for submitting articles to the journals: : 30 June 2021




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